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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Spartan Transformation: No More Hiding

I always dreamed of a summer body even before I was younger. I was thin when I was in high school until I started working. By then, I became fatter as years gone by. In 2007, I started working out in a gym. At first, I was so excited and committed to have a better body. However, as months gone by, I became so lazy because I felt that it was too slow. I never even met my target body. I just maintained the body I had when I started going to the gym. I stopped working out in 2009. That’s the time when I became fatter and fatter because I ate a lot. I love eating so much to the point I forgot that I was dreaming of a summer body. Until I learned the Spartan Program in 2012, I just realized again my dream of having a summer body. This was my body in Feb 2012:

As you can see,

I kept on hiding my fats because for me, my body was not something to be worth showing. By then I decided to take control of my body. I believed that I did not need to join the Spartan Transformation Program because I thought that I could lose weight on my own.

I started to lessen my food in August. I just had 2 meals per day, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I ate only once a day. Whenever I felt hungry, I just drank water. I succeeded in losing weight in just 3 months. From 75kg, I weighed 61kg in October. I thought that was good. I thought I succeeded. However, when Coach Dexter had my body fat analysis, the result was not good. I had 17% body fats. I just looked thin but have a lot of fats inside my body.

I decided to join the Spartan Transformation Program in January 2013 because I learned that my way of losing weight was so UNHEALTHY and something that’s not recommended. I just lost weight by not eating where I only lost muscles, NOT FATS. That’s the reason my body was weak.

In the Spartan Transformation Program, I learned the RIGHT NUTRITION. This is a weight management program that you would need to eat a lot but you are losing fats. That really amazes me until now. Because of this program, learned the habit of eating the right food, right time, and healthy living activities. I got very excited in my 3rd week because I woke up one morning, my tummy was not that bloated, and I already lost 1kg of pure fats. It really inspired me to push myself more in achieving a better body. I realized that it’s not impossible for me to show off my new body this summer.

I can still remember the Spartan Classes I had. It was fun and very much encouraging to lose fats fast because you are with others who are committed to be healthy just like me. We shared recipes, food, and tips on how to take control of our health. We were guided by our coaches who successfully transformed themselves because of the program. They are so committed in making our dream body and healthy lifestyle possible and achievable. I was so inspired by those who undergone the program and now enjoying their new selves confident and healthy.
When I became thin, one of my problems was my tummy. Even though when I was thin, my tummy was bloated. I was just hiding it because it’s not pleasant to the eyes if my body was so thin but my tummy was bulging. And now, this is my new body after 30 days in the program. I am not getting ready for the summer for I almost have the summer body I am dreaming of for a very long time.

Sometimes, we think that, we can lose weight on our own. Sometimes, we think that we don’t have time for this. And sometimes, we think that we don’t need this. However, most of the time we are wrong. The Spartan Transformation Program doesn’t end here. We will be doing this for the rest of our lives. It’s not even about ourselves. But more of about the people who really matter to us. The healthier our body is, the longer time we could have for our love ones and for our love ones’ loves ones. The body I have now is just a result of the program. The more important thing is the healthy living we got from this.

Which is better? Make the most of your life by eating anything you want with the people who matter to you and suffer in different diseases in the future or invest your time in learning the RIGHT NUTRITION now with the people who matter to you and ENJOY the rest of your lives LONGER.

This is my body now. No more hiding.

For questions about this amazing program, you may contact us through 09178257926 / 09228787926 and look for COACH RY ZUNIGA. You may also email us at conctactus@thezillionairemind.com for details.
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